Published on
Mar 10th 2022

Defy Apex membership - lets get our kids active again

Defy is one of the most popular kids activity places out there. It’s an indoor trampoline park, with plenty of space. Adults and teenagers can have fun as well. It’s good for kids 4 and above. They have trampolines, ninja-warrior style course, stunt fall, obstacle courses, extreme dodgeball, and more. There is a lounge where parents can work while kids play.
We at ChaiBuzz love Defy (Apex location) and have been there few times now. So we thought we can sweeten this up further. We spoke with the managers at DEFY-Apex. For a limited time, you can purchase the Basic membership plan (20$ per month for each person), but with few extras:
  • 2 hours on any day of the week (including weekends). Currently it’s limited to 2 hours before 1PM on weekends.
  • FREE grip socks (for the first 100 people)
You can find their membership plans on their website.
Here is how you can subscribe to this deal:
  • Sign up to the basic plan on their website. NOTE: You won’t see anything about 2 hours on any day of the week, as it’s about whether the store is going to enforce this.
  • Head to Defy - Apex, with your kids.
  • Fill up some disclaimer forms at the kiosk when you enter Defy.
  • Mention “ChaiBuzz”, when you are about to be checked in. This should get you the FREE gripper socks.
With monthly membership, DEFY could be a great place for:
  • Organizing play dates
  • Some fun time during school track outs.
  • Activities such as dodge ball
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