Published on
Oct 21st 2022

Movies to watch on OTT this weekend - Oct 21

Click here to view a list of all movies you can watch on OTT platforms such as Netflix, Prime, Disney, Hulu and Aha.
  1. Bimbisara - Telugu Action Fantasy film starring Kalyan Ram. Bimbisara is a ruthless emperor of Trigarala in 500 BC. In unexpected circumstances, Bimbisara travels in time and reaches the current day not knowing that a power-thirsty doctor Subramanya Sastry and Kethu are already waiting for him to come. Bimbisara has to deal with modern day hustle and bustle.
  2. Pettai Kaali - Tamil web series. To marry the girl he loves, the hero tames a bull that belongs to her with deceptive tricks. His frivolous act rekindles the bygone animosity between the families that prompts several problems.
  3. Ammu - Telugu Drama starring Aishwarya Lekshmi, Naveen Chandra. Ammu's thought marriage was a fairy tale – full of love and magic, ends when her cop-husband Ravi hit her for the very first time. What Ammu thought was a one-off incident soon turned into a never-ending cycle of abuse, trapping her and breaking her soul and spirit. Pushed to her limits, Ammu teams up with an unlikely ally to break free.
  4. DoBaaraa - Hindi Science Fiction/Mystery. In the 1990s, during a wild thunderstorm night, 12-year-old Anay dies in a road accident shortly after he sees his next-door neighbor committing a crime. Twenty-five years later, in a strange turn of events, on an identical stormy night, Antara finds herself in front of a TV set through which she attempts to save Anay’s life but her good deed causes a disturbing chain of unexpected consequences.
  5. Buffoon - Tamil Drama/Comedy starring Vaibhav Reddy, Anagha L.K. Two Koothu artistes become pawns in a political power game and are falsely implicated in a drug smuggling case. For how long can they evade a determined police hunt?
  6. Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu - Tamil Drama/Thriller starring Silambarasan, Siddhi Idnani. A youngster from Tamil Nadu goes to Bombay in search of a better life and gets sucked into the underworld. Will he be able to find a way out of the violence and bloodshed?
  7. Judaa Hoke Bhi - Hindi Horror/Thriller starring Akshay Oberoi. Aman Khanna, a once successful singer, is drowning his life into alcohol, despair and self- destruction after his 6 years old son died in a freak accident. Aman's wife, Meera who has an autobiographical bestseller to her credit is trying to cope with their financial burdens and Aman's lack of responsibility.
  8. Alluri - Telugu Action/crime film starring Sree Vishnu. Iqbal, the son of a retired police constable, is keen to become a cop too but fails to take charge of his ambition. In need of motivation, Iqbal’s father sets his son on a mission to trace the journey arc of an inspirational police officer, Alluri Sita Rama Raju. The journey takes Iqbal to Kothavalasa, Dharakonda, Vizag and Hyderabad, all the places where Alluri discharged his duties and left an indelible mark on eliminating corruption and crime.
  9. Journey to Grace - 2012 film that is now on OTT. Story of South-African cricket player Hansie Cronje. After being lured into a notorious match-fixing scandal, champion South African cricket player Hansie Cronje embarks on a journey toward redemption.
  10. The Watcher - English Drama/Mystery series based on a true story. A family moves into their suburban dream home, only to discover they've inherited a nightmare.
  11. Matriarch - English Horror Film. Afflicted with a mysterious disease after surviving an overdose, a woman returns to her childhood home to confront her personal demons but instead discovers a real one.
  12. The Curse of Bridge Hollow - English Adventure/Horror film. A Halloween-hating dad reluctantly teams up with his teenage daughter when an evil spirit wreaks havoc by making their town's decorations come to life.