Published on
Jan 15th 2022

Restaurants to try for this festive weekend

  1. Mirchi's Indian Kitchen & Bar
    Craving for festive food on a busy workday, Mirchi's Indian Kitchen & Bar has pongal combo tonight! Chaibuzz has been to Mirchi's and did enjoy their customer receiving and dine in experience.
  2. Curry Point Express
    Festival is all about new clothes and yummy food! Curry Point Express has a party package offer which ends January 15th. Go grab it, if you are celebrating the festival with your family and friends.
  3. Amber Flavors and Taste
    We always craved about delicious south indian breakfast on a saturday morning! Amber Flavors and Taste - Cary has a good variety of breakfasts. Chocolate dosa was Chaibuzz kid's favorite.