Published on
Jan 25th 2022

Snow Fun in Triangle Area

It's a good amount of snow in Triangle area past weekend! Here is how RTPians got creative.
NOTE: These are randomly ordered based on how we downloaded from Facebook. There is no ranking of any kind!
Cup Nosed Snowman by Harsha Sipani
Cute Antenna Snowbug by Paavani Ayyagari
This Snowman paid attention to his Hair Detail! by Pooja Modi
Dressed very cozy by Pooja Modi
Lovely Sibling Snowmans by Shweta Gupta
Hawaiian SnowGirl by Shikha Dhir. Note: Hawaii is not recommended for snowgirls.
Unique Gloved Snowman by Madhura
Chubby Cheeked Snowman by Rajita
Olaf Snowman by Yashshwini Marri
This Snowman Loves Eggs(Snoweggs) by Namrata Pnslwar
Hair Dressed Snowman by Shruthi Sumanth
Smiley Snowman by Pooja Singhvi
This Snowman did not brush his teeth! Dont know since when! by Swati Srivastava
This Snowman is still enjoying his Christmas! by Dipal Dhagat
Cool Dude by Monika Gupta
The wind blew away her hat by Swathi Suman
Cute Cowboy Snowman by Swetha Arvapalli
One Week Old Snowman by Suman Thakur
All natural pine cone snowman by Samyutha Vanama
Santa Snowman by Usha Vyas. There is a Christmas Snowman waiting for you!
Snow Hat Snowman by Gurheet Farmah! He surely has some headweight!
Snow Lady by Tanvi Gollapudi
A Snowboy by Rohini Vanga
Snowgirl with Goals by Shivani Kankane!
This Snowkid is ready for a birthday party! by Gunjan Varma
Little and Cute Snowbaby by Nandu Shanthi
Gentleman by Uma Sulikeri
Really Long Nosed Snowman by Megha Shree
Adorned with Hydrangeas Snowgirl by Madhavi
Handsome Snowman by Lekha Kantheti
Captain America Snowman by Aditi Shalot
We found this fun local video dancing to Pushpa song in snow.