Published on
Feb 17th 2022

Food trucks in the triangle

In the mood to try something new? Triangle has some amazing food trucks. Here is a list of food trucks to try:
    • Cuisine: Vegan, Tacos, Burgers
    • VEGAN Desi Food truck
    • Their location varies, so you should find their school from the link above
    • You should try their “Meat over Rice”. It’s vegetarian don’t worry. It’s good for once to try a food truck that’s not always about Chicken Tikka masala or Biryani.
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  1. Pacos Tacos
    • Cuisine: Mexican
    • This has some amazing tacos. The chicken(pollo) and Veggie tacos are our favorites.
    • You can always find them at the same spot in Apex. Address: 556 E Williams St, Apex, NC 27502
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    • Cuisine: Comfort food.
    • They have some awesome authentic Beignets (little sweet square desserts). This is just for comfort food and not a lunch place.
    • Open every at 312 S. Mason St. in Apex. Tuesday through Friday 7am till 1pm. Saturdays 8am till 1pm.
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    • Cuisine: Vegan Comfort Food
    • We haven’t tried this out personally, but has some amazing reviews on Facebook. Their crispy tots seem to be a favorite
    • Location varies. So checkout the link above.
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    • Cuisine: Korean
    • Korean BBQ with a yummy twist! You should try their Bibimbap (make sure you ask for an egg well done) and their Kimchi Bul Fries
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