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Mar 10th 2022

Last chance to apply for wake county magnet school

Wake county magnet schools are highly desired by parents for their specialty, focus and theme-based education. If you are considering sending your kids to magnet schools for the 2022-23 school year, the deadline to apply is Feb 6. It's a big decision that is causing plenty of stress for lots of parents out there.
Applications are NOT first-come, first-served. Families are notified via email if they receive a seat at an application school.

ChaiBuzz's Opinion

Magnet schools typically have long commute time. For middle or high school kids, magnet schools could be a good option. But for elementary school kids, the time and energy spent can sometimes be well used on extra-curricular or sports activities outside of school. Weigh your pros-cons before making a decision.


  • If my child is assigned to a magnet school, does he have to attend?
    If you are selected for a school that you listed on your application, you are automatically assigned to that school. If you are not satisfied with your magnet or year-round school placement, you may submit a transfer request to be assigned to your base school, during the Request for Transfer Period at the end of February 2022. "Back to base" requests submitted during this transfer period are guaranteed to be approved.
  • Do I have to list five in the application, even if we only like one or two?
    No. You can list just the ones you really like
  • What's the difference between "Gifted and Talented" and "Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG)?
    Gifted and Talented: All students are eligible to attend a "Gifted and Talented" magnet school, which supports the gifts and talents of all children through a wide variety of electives.
    Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG): Students in the AIG program have tested into the program, typically in elementary school. Through the system's AIG Basics Program, offered at some magnet schools, AIG students take their core classes in self contained classrooms where the material often is taught at an accelerated rate.
  • Will my child be offered school bus transportation to magnet school?
    Choosing a school also means choosing transportation services. When choosing a magnet school you on the base school locator must look into whether the school is listed under Neighborhood busing, Express busing or Parent Provides
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