Published on
Apr 14th 2023

Movies to watch on OTT this weekend - Apr 14, 2023

Click here to view a list of all movies you can watch on OTT platforms such as Netflix, Prime, Disney, Hulu and Aha.
  1. Kannai Nambathe - Tamil crime thriller starring Udhayanidhi Stalin. Arun finds himself caught up in a crime that he has no connection to whatsoever. Following his roommate's advice, he attempts to cover up the situation with cleverness. Will he be able to extricate himself from this predicament, or will he unwittingly reveal a much larger conspiracy than he ever anticipated?
  2. Das Ka Dhamki - Telugu comedy/action movie starring Vishwak Sen. Krishna Das, a waiter by profession, falls for Keerthi. His look alike, Dr. Sanjay Rudra, dies in an accident the night before Das loses his job and love. A series of events turn Das's life upside down and he ends up in Sanjay's place. When Das decides he wants to live life large at least for a day, he ends up in circumstances he could not have foreseen.
  3. Kabzaa - Kannada action drama starring Upendra and Kiccha Sudeep. During the British rule in India, Arakeshwara, an air force soldier and son of a freedom fighter Amareshwara,due to unavoidable circumstances, kills Khaleed, the don of Amarapura and thus gets trapped in the mafia world and later becomes the king of the underworld. However, trouble ensues for Arakeshwara as he has to deal with his rivals and Bhargav Bhakshi, a cop sent by the British to eradicate him and the underworld.
  4. Ghosty - Tamil comedy/horror starring Kajal Agarwal and Yogi Babu. An inspector embarks on a mission to track down a gangster who was once in her father's custody several decades ago. However, her quest leads to a string of absurd events that not only jeopardize her mission but also put her life in danger.
  5. Mrs Undercover - Hindi action/comedy/thriller starring Radhika Apte. An ace undercover agent living as a middle-class housewife is assigned a task after a decade. How will she take down a serial killer targeting ambitious women with her rusty skills?
  6. Shehzada - Hindi Rom-Com starring Kartik Aryan and Kriti Sanon. Bantu is hated and neglected by his father Valmiki ever since he was a toddler. Samara, his boss is the first person to show him affection and love until he discovers that the Jindals are his biological parents and not Valmiki. Bantu then decides to seek the Jindals' love and protect them from the threats they face.
  7. Pranaya Vilasam - Malayalam Rom-Com starring Arjun Ashokan and Anaswara Rajan. A revelation about a woman's old flame sends shockwaves through her family. Portrays love stories of different characters who are at different stages of their lives.
  8. N4 - Tamil action thriller. The lives of different sets of people residing in Kasimedu change irreversibly overnight after an unforeseen incident. What happens next and how does karma play a major role in their lives?
  9. Dear Vaappi - Tamil drama starring Lal and Anagha Narayanan. About the journey of a father and daughter as they face obstacles and reach success, with the help of those who come to support them. It showcases the strong bond between a father and daughter and highlights the power of perseverance and support from others. The film is expected to be heartwarming and inspiring, appealing to audiences of all ages.
  10. O Kala - Telugu romantic drama. Bogged down by failures, Harika decides to end her life. When she's about to do the deed, she comes across a mysterious pamphlet with a phone number.
  11. Borrego - Hollywood crime thriller. A young botanist relocates to a small desert town to study an invasive plant species. While out on research, she comes to the aid of a downed plane only to find herself taken captive by an inexperienced drug mule who forces her to lead a trek across the sweltering desert to his drop. A local sheriff is drawn into the hunt as his rebellious daughter sets out to find the missing botanist, all the while being pursued by a local drug receiver.
  12. The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die - Hollywood war action drama. In the wake of King Edward's death, Uhtred of Bebbanburg and his comrades adventure across a fractured kingdom in the hopes of uniting England at last.