Published on
Jan 18th 2022

NCIAP - Affordable medical service for visiting parents

NCIAP medical care.jpg
Wondering how to get medical services, regular health check-ups to your uninsured parents and relatives visiting from India?
NCIAP Medical Care, Inc. is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. NCIAP provides basic and specialist health care services to uninsured. Their motto is to provide "hassle-free health care for all". We personally know people who have benefited from this service.
The organization is run by the support and contribution from the members of local community and businesses, government grants, and other sources of funding. They collect a small fee to partially cover the costs. There are no insurance claims to file, no worry about deductibles, and no fear of being in or out of the network of insurance carrier.
New location Alert: They have a new location open in APEX.