Published on
Mar 7th 2023

Photographers in the Triangle area



Looking for someone to capture the special moments in your life. Here is the list of photographers in the Triangle area.
NOTE: This is list of photographers that we have gathered and not a recommendation in any way. Photography is an artist skill. Their unique abilities or talent may or may not always match with your needs. Please review their past work experience from their website/social media handle. You can always ask for references by contacting them.
  1. Angels-studios-photography
    Newborn, Cradle Ceremony, Baby Shower, Birthdays, House Warming and Events.
    Phone: (210) 275-7897
  2. Ark_focus
    Abhijit Rai Khelkar Photography
  3. Carolina Elite Events
    NC’s Premier Full Service Event Production Company
    DJ | Photography | Videography | Photobooth | Lighting | Custom Mobile Apps | Special FX
    Phone: (919) 473-6573
  4. DotRed Studios
    Photos and Cinematic Videos for Weddings, Portrait Sessions, House Warmings, Birthdays and Anniversary Events.
  5. Fotosab
    Fotosab specializes in weddings, events, arangetram and senior portraits.
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: (919) 454-4661
    Facebook and Instagram
  6. Glass Works Photography
    Portrait photographer.
  7. Glennboi Photography
    Glennboi Photography offers various types of Photography related services.
    Wedding, Pre-Nup, Actual Wedding, Receptions Events, Corp. Events/Party, Prod Launching, Debut/Birthday Party Family Portraits & Glamour Products Shoot
  8. Hasham Malik Photography
    Weddings, Bride&Groom/Engagement Sessions, Portraits & Family Photoshoots, Birthdays, Businesses Promotion, Corporate Events & Functions, Sports Portraits & Events
    Phone: (919)249-7507
  9. Ira’s Photography
    Kids, Family portraits and Events
  1. Ishita Ghosh Photography
    Capture timeless memories forever with Ishita Ghosh Photography
    Phone: (919) 917-0335
  2. Jeevan Photos
    Family, Couples, and Individuals participating in their favorite activities or life events.
  3. Lensking Photo Studio
    Birthdays, House Warming and Events.
    Phone: (919) 539-6397
  4. Lunar Lenz Photography
    At Lunar Lenz, our motto is - Where light meets speed!
    Phone: (203) 512-3644
  5. Mahens Photography
    Photography, Videography and Live Streaming for all the special events.
    Phone: (978) 902-3061
  6. CSL Frames By Maddoju
    Family, Fashion, Modeling Photography, Portraits and Events.
    Reach out to Sreekanth Maddoju for more details!
    Phone: (919) 420-9999
  7. Pictogenix
    "Momentographer"- one who likes to capture and re-live the precious series of moments aka Life. Lets create memories together.
  8. PikShar Photography
    Capture all the memorable and candid moments that occur during your life’s journey.
    Phone: (252) 294-6633
  9. Quantas Photography
    Captures priceless memory for a affordable price.
    Phone: (919) 746-3716
  10. Riya Sharma Bhatia
    Newborn, cradle ceremony, baby shower, birthdays, house warming and events. Phone: (984) 225-1222
  11. Rayshan NC Photographer
    Family photographer and corporate photographer that specializes in dramatic lighting. Product and real estate photography.
    Phone: (214) 585-6782
  12. Story Land Photography
    Kids, Famility, Newborn, cradle ceremony, baby shower, birthdays, house warming and events.
    Phone: (901) 828-8342
  13. Suresh J Photography
    Portraits, Wedding, Engagement, Birthday, Maternity, Baby Shower, Newborn & more.
    Phone: (919) 649-1418
  14. Suha Ahmed Photography
    Portrait & Lifestyle Photography
  15. Veha Photography
    Phone: (845) 389-0227
  16. 3Eye Photography
    Our passion lies in capturing every emotion and beautiful moments as they take place and detail to make your moments unforgettable.
    Website :
    Instagram, Facebook and YouTube
  17. Bellam's Photography
    House warming, couples photoshoot etc.
  18. Shutter by Nitish
    Self-taught with a sincere passion for all things photographic, beautiful light, fresh food, sincere people, and beautiful spaces.
    Phone: (352) 327-0285
  19. Maadhurya Photography & Videography
    South Asian & Indian Weddings and cultural events locally as well as the tri-state area.
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: (919) 523-4254
  20. Harsha Sipani
    Food/ Product | Animation | Fashion photographer
    Location: Apex
    Phone: (919) 561-8213
    Ideal for websites, restaurants, cookbooks and products.
Some of this information is facilitated by RTP Desi Moms group on Facebook!
Are you a photographer that would like to be added to this? Want to share your experience with any of these businesses? 👋Contact us