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Aug 21st 2023

Priests in the RTP area

Priest Dr. Mukundan Ji

Phone/Whatsapp: (508) 314-7003
Email: [email protected]
  • Can do all Hindu poojas (except Karma)
  • Vasthu, horoscope reading and marriage match
  • Has a PhD in Sanskrit titled Sri Vishnu Kanchi Vaibhavam
Sri Radhakrishna Adiga

Phone: (901) 236-6611
Languages: Kannada, Hindi, English, Tulu
  • Any homa/havan (Ganapathi, Navagruha, Durga, Chandika, Lalitha, etc)
  • Punyaaha, Shree Chakra Pooja, Mandala Aradhane and Satyanarayana pooja and katha
  • Children: Naamakarna (naming ceremony), Annaprashna (feeding ceremony), Karnavedana (ear piercing), Choodakarma (first haircut) and Aksharaabhyaasa (initiation of education)
  • Upanayana
  • Marriage: Nishchithaartha (engagement) and Vivaaha (wedding)
  • Seemantha (baby shower)
  • Birthday: Shashtyabda poorthi (60th birthday), Bheema ratha shanthi (70th birthday), Sahasra Chandra darshana (80th birthday)
  • Vahana pooja (new vehicle)
  • Anthyeshti (final rites) and Shraadha (death anniversary)
  • Vaastu services and Jyotishya (astrology and horoscope)
Priest Lalitha Krishna Sharma Achutuni

Speaks English, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi
Hindu Priest, Astrologer & Vastu Consultant
Cary, NC
Phone: (301) 825-6603
Priest AravindanAssociated with SV Temple
Phone: (732) 966-2533
Priest Chakrapani Kumara

Priest Ganapathi Sharma(919) 946-4987
Priest Kishor Trivedi(336) 486-7925
Pandit Jayesh Vyas

Associated with HSNC
HSNC Temple Blog
Priest Chethmani ji

Associated with HSNC
Phone: (480) 430-7399
HSNC Temple Blog
Priest Sri Nagendra Udupa(408) 444-2663 or (919) 473-3350
Priest at Sri Krishna Vrudavana Temple (SKVNC)
Priest Rajagopala AcharyaPhone: (919) 413-0450
Can perform all Hindu rituals except karma (death related)
Priest SrisailamPhone: (919) 647-4747
Pandit Shivnand Bhat

(919) 469-1399
Priest Sridhar Raja Priest at Sri Shirdi SaiBaba Mandir Of North Carolina
Phone: (919) 903-4962
Priest PavanPhone: (919) 928-7482
Priest Srinivasan KanduriFreelancer Hindu Priest
Phone: (919) 656-7241
NOTE: SV Temple priests cannot be engaged directly. You will need to go through SV temple for any services. Devotees can go to and signup/register as devotees. Login with your user ID and then you will be able to submit a request online for priest services. Temple management will try their best to assign a priest at the earliest and communicate to devotee accordingly.
Some of this information is facilitated by RTP Desi Moms group on Facebook!
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