Published on
Jan 22nd 2022

Lunch box and Express Food Specials in Triangle area

Having a busy week ? It's mid week already and I am craving for quick and hot lunches locally! Just want to take a break from work / work at home? Here are some places we recommend where you can quickly order lunches (without having to dig deeper into menus):

Adda - Raagi Mudda with Chicken - Looks Yummy!

Amber Cary - Lunch Specials

My Goat Lunch Plate at Amber!

Azitra - Lunch Specials

Bombay Central Cafe

Chutneys - Lunch Box Specials

Curry Point Express - Order Online/Catering

Curry in a Hurry Food Truck - Morgan Street Food Hall

Menu Changes Daily -

Mirchis - Weekday Specials

Nandini Pure-Veg Restaurant - Dosa night Wednesday of every week - any Dosa 9.99

Pizza Twist - Morrisville - Two Large 3-Topping Pizzas for 25.99

Sangam Mart - Daily Menu updated on their Facebook

Zyka- Lunch Specials

We are going to Nandini Kitchen for Dosa Night today! What are you trying?