Published on
Mar 23rd 2022

RTPians Got Talent: Featuring Teen Singer Abhilash Kondaveeti

We launched the RTPians Got Talent Feature to highlight the talented Adults, Youth and Kids in the RTP area. This is ChaiBuzz's way to encourage and inspire budding talent. Having role models in our life is very important. They influence what we do and how we turn out eventually.
Abhilash Kondaveeti is a Sophomore at Enloe and hails from a family of Carnatic Musicians. He started learning Hindustani vocal at an early age of 5 and spent 8 years under the Tutelage of Smt. Madhumita Saha. He is currently taking advanced lessons from Smt. Sejal Vaidya, a founder of Sejal Vaidya School of music and is pursuing Visharad certification in 2023. Abhi is also a talented Violin player and an avid gamer. He has a keen interest in STEM and aspires to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.
Here is Abhi singing “Raag Bageshri - Apani garaj pakar lini” song. It's a very challenging Hindustani classical raaga, but he sang it with perfect diction and tonal clarity.
Encourage kids to learn any form of music - this is said to have a positive influence on cognitive, socio-emotional and brain development of children. Here is an interesting article on how Children’s brains develop faster with music training.
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